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    Applications of Motivation Theory

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    Based on the scenario, which motivation theory seems to describe Yolanda and Carrie's situation?

    Identify the origins and principles of this theory, and then suggest some specific changes Carrie could make that could improve Yolanda's motivation.

    Scenario: Yolanda is a clerk at an electronics retailer, Electrico. The company uses a standardized performance evaluation, and Yolanda's manager, Carrie, is preparing for Yolanda's review. Carrie feels Yolanda has been underperforming in three areas:

    1. When Yolanda orders stock from the warehouse's online system, the order often comes back as incorrect due to her administrative errors. Carrie suspects that Yolanda may need some extra training on the warehouse system to improve her ordering skills.

    2. Yolanda hasn't been getting along with her coworker, Carlos, who Yolanda thinks 'kisses up' to Carrie.

    3. Yolanda's attitude about Electrico, as evidenced by her frequent, biting comments, has lately become more and more negative. Carrie thinks this may be because Yolanda had to give away her hard-earned employee recognition award-an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas-because she couldn't find someone to stay home with her preschool-aged daughter. To make matters worse, Electrico was unable to give an alternate reward to Yolanda.

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    The theory that may be at work could be Herzberg's Motivational Theory. Herzberg says that individuals are satisfied and dissatisfied at work by different things. In this case, Yolanda was previously motivated by the recognition that she received at work (the all expenses paid trip to Las ...

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