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Famous merger of HP with Compaq

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Prepare a brief report about a famous merger or consolidation. The report should explain the facts of the merger or consolidation and all of the circumstances surrounding the action.

Please reference your sources.

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HP is a global provider of products, technologies, solutions, and services to business and consumers. HP has been a leading innovator for nearly seven decades and invests almost $4 billion annually on R&D. It's mission and objectives with its huge size and scale aid the organization to offer customers not only competitively priced products, but also a lower total cost of ownership over a solution's lifecycle. HP merged with Compaq Computer Corporation in May 2002. The firm has 140,000 employees with capabilities in 178 countries doing business in more than 40 currencies and more than 10 languages.

We will discuss the famous merger of HP with Compaq.

Hewlett-Packard Company

The "new" HP that was formed in May 2002 following the merger of HP and Compaq is now the world's largest provider of Windows and UNIX servers, enterprise storage, imaging and ...

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This discusses the famous merger of HP with Compaq

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