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    Define M&A motives, types of M&As and valuation techniques

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    1.) Explain one motive for pursuing a M&A?
    2.) Define and provide an example of one commonly used term in M&A?
    3.) Define three types of M&A's?
    4.) Explain two types of valuation techniques?
    5.) List two types of financial instruments for M&A's?
    6.) What is the purpose of the appraisal technique when valuing a firm?
    7.) Are there any anti-trust dimensions in assessing the the effects of M&A activities? Explain your response.
    8.) How does Cost reduction play a role in M&A's?
    9.) List and explain two types of divestitures?
    10.) Why wouldn't a divestiture be pursued?

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    1) Diversification can be one motive of pursuing an M&A.
    2) Synergy
    3) Horizontal, Vertical and Conglomerate merger and acquisition.
    4) Discounting cash flow and option pricing model technique.
    5) Equity and debt
    6) The ...

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