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Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions

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During the early 1990s there was a noticeable increase in mergers and acquisitions between firms in different countries (termed cross-border acquisitions). What factors could explain this increase? What special issues can arise in executing a cross-border acquisition and in ultimately meeting your objectives for a successful combination?

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The factors that led to increase in mergers and acquisitions:

1) Increase in competition has led to the consolidation as the smaller players faced margin pressure
2) Quest for large size to have economies of scale and to reduce the ...

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This solution lists four main factors that will lead to increase in mergers and acquisitions and discusses three main special issues that can arise in a cross-border acquisition.

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Dikova, D., Sahib, P. R., & van Witteloostuijn, A. (2009). Cross-border acquisition abandonment and completion: The effect of institutional differences and organizational learning in the international business service industry, 1981-2001. Journal of International Business Studies, 41(2), 223-245.

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