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    Victoria's Secret: Marketing the "Pink" Brand

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    The "Pink" brand of Victoria's Secret claims their target market is college age females with sexy, casual styles. In reality, it is a fact that much of the Pink sales are to "tweens" and even younger females. Many people believe that those styles are inappropriate for girls of that age. Is Victoria's Secret taking advantage of young females and targeting them with ads and promotions or is that young age group college student "wanna bees"?

    Another "Pink" phenomena is the forty-something female buying "Pink" styles. Are they college student "wanna bees"? Discuss the concept that the female college student is a reference group for both "tweens" and the forty-ish woman.

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    The female college student is a reference group for tweens, due to the fact that individuals of this age look up to the 20 something aged female college students ...