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    Social Responsibility Assertiveness

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    You are a public information officer within a larger natioanl retail company called XYZ. Company executives are discussing implementing an aggressive expansion strategy over the next 3 years. If approved, the company will double its retail outlets and span coast to coast.

    As the public information officer, it is your job to write and send out press releases and give the public interviews: however, it is also your job to provide info. to executives as they attempt to decide if they want to persue the expansion.

    XYZ had a good reputation: socially and accommodative responsible, no problems seen if to expand.

    What is XYZ's social responsibility assertiveness? With the four main benefits of being social responsible and the fact that XYZ can take advantage of these benefits.

    The below are the four main benefits to work with:

    *reinforces customer loyalty
    *historically, financially outperforms competitors
    *recovery after a crisis is typically easier
    *the CEO's reputation is often seen positively

    Remember this is an argument for expansion and taking advantages of the four benefits the company many enjoy as a result of being socially responsible.

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    //Before writing about the social responsibility of an organization, it is essential to gain knowledge about the social responsibility and its duties. One should know about the main aspects of social responsibility//


    Social Responsibility indicates the duty of the organization towards the society. It is an ethical and valuable ideology of the organization and its employees. Humans are the main cause of the social responsibility both in the society and organization because it is related to the people within the company and people who are the customers of the company. As the public information manager, I can explain the social responsibility of the XYZ Corporation as the duty of the management by which they can provide best services to the consumers on the basis of values and ethics. If the XYZ Corporation fulfills the social responsibility then it can get various benefits and advantages to become more successful in the future.

    //Above is the explanation of social responsibility of XYZ Corporation. Moving to the next component of direction, explanation about the benefits of being a socially responsible organization is provided.//

    By accomplishing the responsibility towards the society, an organization can earn various benefits which are as follows: ...

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