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Requirement of convenience that each

A package delivers courier places drop-boxes at locations in Fort Wayne where high-volume shipping occurs. The drop boxes are convenient for customers but are expensive for the company to monitor and maintain since they must be kept in good shape with secure compartments for packages awaiting pick-up, and stocked with basic shipping supplies. The courier wants to determine the least number of drop box location that will best serve the high-volume areas where most packages originate. There are six potential drop-box locations for seven high-volume areas. To maintain customer convenience, each high-volume area needs to be served by two drop-boxes. The list of which drop boxes could be reached easily from each zone is listed below. What is the smallest number of locations that will serve the seven areas and meet the requirement of convenience that each area is accessible to two drop-boxes? Which areas are served by which drop-boxes?


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High Volume Area Served By Drop-box Locations

Downtown 1, 2, 5, 6
Jefferson/Illinois Rd 2, 4, 5
I469 / Lima Rd 1, 2, 4, ...

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The following posting helps calculate the number of dropboxes. The requirements of convenience for each dropbox is determined.