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    The CEO of a carpet manufacturing company has come up with a brilliant idea of making a collage out of waste carpet pieces and marketing it as wall art. The CEO feels that customers appreciate fresh ideas and will be willing to buy anything that comes with a label of new, creative or innovative. You have been asked to plan strategic communications keeping the 5 Ws and 1H in mind. Prepare a document spelling out the following: Who is the target audience? What are the needs of the audience? How should these art pieces be marketed? Where the message should be released? What is the purpose of this communication?

    You are in charge of the production department of a chocolate manufacturing company. A customer has reported that there was an ant in the chocolate and has lodged a complaint to the health department. The news spread to the media and as a result, sales have plummeted. Inventory is stacking up quickly and the company is experiencing a drastic drop in income. Prepare a document to the CEO that spells out strategies to be adopted by the company to deal with this situation.

    You are working as a Human Resources Manager, and have recently appointed four extremely brilliant people from China, India, Japan, and Malaysia to work in your company. They are not familiar with American culture and are finding it difficult to work in an American organization with an informal structure. Prepare a report on how you will address cultural disparities and make them comfortable in your organization.


    You are working in the corporate communications division of a manufacturing company. You are about to launch a shampoo in the market that will revolutionize the concept of hair care. Prepare one write-up of approximately 500 words for that can be used for the press, the annual in-house magazine, and mailers to be sent to other companies telling them about this project.

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    // In this paper, we will discuss some instances of Organizational problems, how to combat them and manage organizational processes in a manner to avoid any further issues. We begin with a discussion on strategic communication of a carpet manufacturer: //

    Organization problems

    1. Strategic communication is defined as a communication tool, which either transmits a concept, a procedure or information that fulfils a predetermined long term goal by permitting assistance of advanced information and technology. The strategic communication plan related to new product launching have to be formulated and implemented on the basis of the 5Ws and 1H , that are who, what, when, where, why and how.

    The document spelling out the 5Ws and 1H are as follows:

    Target audience

    Target audience is the likely users of the company's products, daily users, influencers, groups, general public, etc. The carpet manufacturing companies prefer the girls, women (age group Between 20 to 45) as a target audience and besides that interior decorators are also considered as target audience which uses the product to decorate the offices, homes etc.(Kotler, 2002).

    // We have discussed the meaning of Strategic Communication and Target Audience, now, we will discuss the 'Needs of Audiences' and 'Marketing of Art Pieces': //

    Needs of the audience

    The product will be available in the market in different colors, designs and patterns according to the requirement. The quality of the product must be maintained and available at reasonable price.

    Marketing of art pieces

    By using the different communication platforms, the art pieces will be marketed. The Common communication platforms are as follows:

     Advertising: Print & broadcast ads,symbols & logos, motion pictures etc.

     Sales promotion: fair, trade shows , premiums, gifts, buy one get one free etc. (Ramswamy & Namakumari, 2005).

    // In our discussion of strategic communication, next comes the explanation of the place, where the message should be released and the 'Purpose of Communication': //

    The place where the message should be released

    The message should be released in the market where it is expected to be in great demand like the households where there are creative people who are inclined towards innovation, decoration and art. There are number of small scale handicrafts manufacturers, who use the carpet and timber waste as raw material. The waste material should be supplied to them. The material can also be supplied to the interior decorators, who use this material in the decoration of the houses and the furniture.

    Purpose of communication

    The purpose of this communication is to create awareness and knowledge of the art pieces in the mind of the prospective buyers. This communication helps to promote the product quality, features, designs and colors, which helps the company to capture large market share and maintain its current image.

    // We are now, considering the case of a 'chocolate manufacturing' Company which is experiencing drops in income due to some complaint, so these are some strategies to cope up with the situation: ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 2037 words with references.