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How much validity should a marketer put into your comments on whether you would purchase a product that you have never seen or used? Do you not bother purchasing products that undergo minor changes? Does "new and improved" really mean anything today? If the majority of consumers knew that 90% of new products fail would they still consider being an early adopter?

Consider the statements "Consumer research is critical to new product development" and "Consumer research may not be all that helpful in new product development." Take a stand and justify one statement, supporting it with examples from sources.

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Consumer research may not be all that helpful in new product development. While consumer research can help to understand the features desired and the importance of various aspects (price, convenience and so forth), it is not a great indicator of demand. That is, while these features are important and while ...

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Your discussion is 187 words and claims that consumer research is not all that helpful. Reasons are given and an example is shared.