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Marketing: Discussing Distribution Channels

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Question: Can you please explain what the channels of distribution (place) of a product or service for a specific organization entail. Also can you please suggest an article and explain how this organization's channels of distribution support its product or service.

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In about 376 words, this solution discusses the importance of distribution channels to businesses and how it is inextricably linked to the concept of connecting the consumer with the product/service.

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Distribution is all about getting your product/service to the right people at the right time with special consideration for profit and effectiveness. Successful marketing does not end when a business has developed a product/service and has found its appropriate target audience with a view to selling it at the 'right price'. The next issue that needs to be faced is how they are going to distribute and sell this product/service to these people - the consumers. When a product/service is purchased by a consumer, it may have been bought directly from the business, or it may have ...

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