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    Market Research Methods To Identify Smokers

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    Health Canada is trying to reduce teen smoking in Canada. They thus try to find out what teens feel about smoking and what it takes to help them stop smoking. However teens seem to be allergic to traditional market research tools such as focus groups or surveys. Suggest 2 creative ways that may help Health Canada get teens to tell them about themselves

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    #1. Since the question mentions surveys, the teens may not be willing to fill out a questionnaire, either paper based or online, however, if the teens are empanelled to get certain movie tickets free on regular basis, they will gladly fill online questionnaires. The empanelment process is very important and requires careful selection of teens. The incentive tickets should be of movies which are of interest to the teens but do not hurt the sensibilities of the parents. That is the parents would allow their children to see those movies. The school should be informed of the empanelment and if needed their permission should be obtained. If requested, the teen panel members sometimes agree to get their friends fill up the online forms ...