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Why do you make purchasing decisions?

Why do you make purchasing decisions? What causes you to shop and buy from one retailer versus another? Is it because they have the products and pricing you want or is it because subliminally you are more comfortable in their store? Are there subliminal cues such as music, colors, and textures that cause you to buy there rather than price or product lines?

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We make purchasing decisions based on needs and wants. As consumers, we have a general tendency to make decisions differently based on items that are needed as opposed to items that are wanted. For instance, when we make decisions based on need, we tend to shop for the lowest prices because the items are necessities, and we tend to follow the same pattern because they're items that are generally purchased on a continual basis. When we make purchasing decisions based on wants, we ...

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This solution discusses why consumers make purchasing decisions, why consumers shop at certain retailers, and if there are visual cues that guide our purchasing decisions or if those decisions are based on the actual product lines.