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    Important information about Customer Feedback

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    How can a company capture customer feedback without alienating customers in the process?

    Are there situations in which you as a customer are more likely to provide feedback?

    If customers are more likely to provide feedback when they have unpleasant experiences, what can marketers do to minimize the potential bias or skew that can result?

    What are the risks of knowingly excluding a group from a specific campaign or message? How can these risks be mitigated?

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    //Customer Feedback is considered very important for the company as it helps to evaluate a particular services or goods. In this paper, we'll are focusing on certain issues and queries related to the customer feedback. Before answering the query we have to introduce the topic under the heading of introduction. For example //


    Today, in this competitive world, customer plays an important role for any company's success. Customers determine the success of the product in market. Therefore, customer's feedback plays an important role in determining whether the company is moving in right direction or not. The interesting fact found in the customer behavior is that they readily give feedback in negative. It's the responsibility of the marketer to reduce the bias.

    / / Moving with the instructions, I will now focus on how the company can capture customer feedback without alienating customers in the process. It is important for the company to capture the feedback, but it should not distract the customers while following the method. For example//

    Ways to capture customer feedback without alienating customers

    If the company acts tactfully, it can easily get the customer feedback without alienating them. In order to know the customers, it is necessary to listen to them. Various vehicles are there to capture customer feedback. These are focus group, surveys, advisory boards, and customer service calls. The contemporary technology of the World Wide Web provides the most effective and efficient mechanisms for paying attention to customers in the form of a feedback link on web sites; this is the economic way of obtaining the feedback (Ramaswamy & Namakumary, 2005).

    The online feedback is very efficient. It provides the customer an easy way of communication. Customer Feedback Management process should be such that customers ...

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    The solution discusses important information about customer feedback. The risks of knowingly excluding a group from a specific campaign or message are discussed.