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Distribution of Services and Goods

Assume that you are the marketing manager of a hospital. Write a report indicating the distribution functions that concern you. Discuss the similarities and dissimilarities of distribution for services and for goods.

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Distribution helps in creating following utility:

1) Convenience - It makes the goods available to the consumers at their nearest location.
2) Variety - It provides variety to the consumers.
3) Awareness - It helps in promoting and making consumers aware of the products.
4) Transportation - It helps in distributing the goods to the consumers.

Factors affecting distribution channel are:

1) Nature of the product - Complex products or services are often sold by specialist distributors or agents. Similarly, the direct distribution approach often works best for a product that the end consumer wants, providing a distinct specification. Direct distribution is also good for services, especially those that are high end services. ...

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Distribution of Services and Goods