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Different marketing approaches for a one use product

Right now, I have asked to develop a small market analysis

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Basically, it is a media storage rack. I found out that sales of CDs have been declining since early 2000s. I need an analysis offering media storage strategies for a declining market. Just trying to make the case that there are a Lot of things that need storage for which the Smart Rack would be a good solution

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While the sales of CD's has fallen, the sale of DVD's remains solid (Cadden, 2005). The ability of the rewritable and recordable CD means that the options for storage use are high not only for the individual customer wanting to record pictures or music, but also for the business that backs up or makes CD's of information. This means the market for the storage device will want to include a business component with sales and information for the business user, often the people with the need for a well-designed storage system.

DVD's and recordable DVD's also continue to need storage space and those with options such as TIVO and other recordable DVR players like to transfer favorites, television shows and movies, to DVD's. These also need storage units and the storage unit by Elaine and Wallace has demonstrated its uses for this type of disk.

Other types of uses could be the pesky lids that come on ...

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A discussion on various uses for a single use product, a CD stacker. The different marketing approaches for a one use product is determined.