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    Critical thinking and marketing

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    Write a three to five page paper in Microsoft Word and APA format that correlates the existence and imperativeness of critical thinking concepts when it comes to conducting marketing research and planning.In the paper, address the following:

    1. How are these inter-related?
    2. Why is it important to keep them working together?

    You can use such issues as ethics, consumer versus corporate responsibility, budget constraints, success/failure rates, as examples. Support your ideas and assertions with examples.

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    Marketing research and planning calls for the use of critical thinking because the audiences targeted may vary under specific and broad conditions. For the marketing person, understanding the need to evaluate all marketing targets and possible scenarios is valuable and creates the successful campaigns every company strives for in the marketplace.
    Critical thinking involves the ability to consider more than just the obvious and its alternatives. A company that markets hybrid cars can see the obvious audience in the environmentalists and those looking for a cheaper alternative to higher gas prices. However, the critical thinker sees the alternatives to those types of drivers with cars that would not normally lend themselves to a different type. The older driver who finds it difficult to maneuver in traffic and stop and gas is an alternative market as well as the disabled driver who also finds it difficult to get out and pump gas. Creating a scenario that shows the limited number of times that this might occur with a hybrid.
    Marketing planning should be directed at those most likely to use the products if presented in a specific light. Coors beer is not just about beer when they present marketing. It ...

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    A discussion on the use of critical thinking on marketing, marketing research, and planning for both.