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Business Strategy

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Identify the generic business-level strategy that will be employed. Explain why this strategy makes sense, given the environmental conditions in which the business will operate.

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The generic business strategy is to differentiate by providing the best cosmetic plastic surgery treatment to the premium segment.
There are two basic objectives.
1. First we strive to identify the best available professional to do the job.
2. Second we see that the charges are not irrationally high.
We operationalize this strategy by:
1. Preparing the list of the most reputed plastic surgeons and those whose results have been acclaimed as remarkable. This information will remain in the data base of the website for the reference of our managers.
2. Online counseling is done by our empanelled plastic surgeons who are connected to the internet and are available 7 days a week 24 hours a day.
3. Once the needs of the patient is identified and a quotation is confirmed, then the empanelled doctor will try to contact the 'best' available doctor in Southern California and negotiate with him the charges and discuss the clinic or the hospital where the operation has to be carried out.
4. Once the surgeon has given an appointment and the operating theatre is booked, ...

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