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advertising campaign- ohio lottery

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The Ohio Lottery has just developed a new instant lottery game and is looking to launch a significant advertising campaign combining tv, radio, print, billboard, and point-of-purchase advertising. The Cleveland chapter of the NAACP has filed a complaint contending that the Ohio Lottery is targeting minorities living in the inner city who can least afford to spend their money on lottery tickets. Do you think it's ethical for the Ohio Lottery to target an integrated marketing communications strategy at individuals with low or fixed incomes? Why or why not? Should the Ohio Lottery revise their strategy due to the pressure put on it by the local chapter of the NAACP?

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Advertising campaign- Ohio lottery is discussed in the solution.

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IT is not ethical at all to target low income people and lure them into buying lottery tickets because by doing this, the lottery company is taking away hard earned money of these poor people. The ...

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