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    Sampling Design for Airline

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    Create your sampling design on Commercial Airplanes.

    Data Collections
    Measure tools instruments
    Data Preparation design

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    I covered all of the topics that you mentioned in your posting.

    I used to write proposals for a living for a market research firm, so I will discuss the key elements behind proposals:

    - You start off by explaining the situation of the firm. It could be in terms of historical data, a current problem, employee performance issues, new market research... the possibilities are endless. Each proposal however should be tailor made to the company, you should never send out a generic proposal. This evaluation could involve a SWOT analysis (strength, weakness, opportunity and threats)
    - Then, you let the firm know how you can solve their problem. You can include any experience that you have in solving similar problems. You can mention your expertise, your skills, your resources (computer software, skilled employees...) and you can explain why your firm would be the best resource to solve the problem.
    - After this, you quote the cost of the project. You can include different variation in services you offer at different prices
    - You conclude the proposal and can include a biography of people who will be working on the project.

    These are the main elements of the business proposal.

    Define different types of data.

    There are a few types of data that you can collect:
    - quantitative results
    - qualitative results

    Quantitative results are collected from questions that actually specify numbers. How many people on average fly to the US from London each year. How much they pay.

    Qualitative results are asked from questions where the person is allowed to speak freely. How was your flight? Did you enjoy it? What would you improve?

    Now this data can be collected in numerous ways. You can ask it to a large sample of people in a large scale study, or you can collect the data in a smaller scale, where you only ask a few people to express their opinion.

    Data Collections

    There has been a lot of talk about the actual data, but how does a ...

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    1312-word sampling design plan for an airline including data collection, measures and data preparation.