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    SWOT: Sport Organization

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    Prepare at SWOT analysis of a sport organization or facility, which could be a:
    • Professional, college, or high school team
    • Professional, college, or high school stadium or arena
    • Sport retailer (such as a health club, tennis center, golf course, bowling center, sporting goods store, etc.)
    • Sporting goods manufacturer (Reebok, Callaway Golf, Brine, etc.)
    • League (NHL, PGA, WNBA, etc.)
    • Sport organization (USTA, USGA, WSF, etc.).

    The analysis should be 2 pages. If you use outside sources, please cite them using APA format, and include a list of references.

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    SWOT Analysis of National Basketball Association. The National Basketball Association is the top men's premier league. It has 30 teams and is an active member of the USA Basketball, which is recognized by the FIBA or the International Basketball Federation.
    The National Basketball Association players are the world's best players. Their annual salary per player is the best in the world. It has an international character. In 2013-2014 season there was a record of 92 international players representing 39 countries and comprising 20% of the league (1). The NBA has the ability to target all demographics. In addition, it has corporate sponsors who are valuable such as the American Express and Nike. The National Basketball Association has caught the imagination of popular culture and influences it. The NBA merchandise is very popular and there is synergy in integrated marketing. The National Basketball Association has the ...

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