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Laboratory or field environment?

You are a researcher at a university. You are at the stage of development of the questionnaire, survey, or interview questions. The research question is the acceptance by the business community of a two year undergraduate degree in business as is being proposed in the United Kingdom, rather than the four year undergraduate degree in business as conducted in much of North America.

In looking at this research problem, would you use a laboratory or a field environment? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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The field environment is more appropriate because it provides researchers with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the environment to witness the success or failure of those receiving 2 year degrees as opposed to 4 year degrees. Researchers will have to engage in qualitative research design, but will be provided the opportunity to interact and observe students who are the people most affected by the research study. In addition, field research will enable the teachers to have access to the ...

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This solution discusses whether a laboratory or a field environment would be better for a research problem.