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    5 team processes that encourage innovation

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    There are 5 team processes that encourage innovation, they are:

    Questioning (allows innovators to challenge the status quo and consider new possibilities)
    Observing (helps innovators detect small details in the activities of customers, suppliers and other companies that suggest new ways of doing things)
    Networking (permits innovators to gain radically different perspectives by talking to individuals with diverse backgrounds)
    Experimenting (prompts innovators to try our new experiences take things apart, and test new ideas through pilots and prototypes)
    Association thinking (is a cognitive skill of finding connections among questions, problems, or ideas from unrelated fields. It is triggered by new information brought in through questioning, observing, networking, and experimenting and is the catalyst for creative ideas).

    What is the significance of each process and how does it relate specifically to the team's leader?

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    Questioning helps us to investigate and explore new possibilities by exploiting new territories. Team leaders can use this process to explore and find new ways to tackle an issue or challenge. Observing helps a team leader in learning from the experiences of others, identify best practices as well as explore new uncharted ...

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