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    Managing Staffing Data and Defining HRIS

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    Assignment Type: Individual Project
    Deliverable Length: 3-4 pages

    Define HRIS. List the functional areas that are covered by such systems and explain what is included in each. List at least three providers of such systems and what the positives and negatives are for an efficient and effective system while being cost conscious.

    Use the Library, Internet, and other resources to research your response.

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    Please find the Human Resource Information Systems below.



    Human Resource Information Systems


    In present competitive business environment human resources has come to play a very vital role. Whether it pertains to the hiring and firing of employees or whether it pertains to employee inspiration, the human resources department of any organization now revels a very fundamental role in not only developing company plans of action, but also in streamlining the business procedure (Spencer, 1995). With this increasing importance of a human resource department, more effective and efficient new technologies are being introduced in the market on a regular basis so that things for human resource departments can be made much simpler and more modernized.

    One of the latest human resource technologies introduced in the market is a Human Resources Information System (HRIS), which is an integrated system that is contrived to help human resource executives in offering information that is primarily used in HR decision making like administration, payroll, recruiting, training, performance analysis and all-inclusive HR management. Human resource Information system assists HR managers in executing all of their HR functions in a more effectual and methodical way along with the use of technology (Coronas & Oliva, 2008). It is the system which can be used to obtain, store, manoeuvre, examine, recollect and hand out relevant information regarding the human resources of an organization.

    Human Resource Information System (HRIS) blends human resource management with information technology to not only the extent of modifying the decision making process, but also at the extent where it renders help in multifaceted negotiations that fall into the human resource unification (Spencer, 1995). The basic advantage that an organization can attain by employing Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is not only ...

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