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Diversity in Sodexo

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There are numerous leadership initiatives that can contribute to achieving cultural diversity. Select a recent article from current events (past 90 days) that demonstrates at least one of these initiatives. Write a well-written presentation on this topic by providing a paragraph summarizing the primary components of the article and a second paragraph presenting your analysis of the article (Do you agree/disagree? Why/why not? Etc.). Be certain to provide a complete reference (APA) for the selected article.

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The selected recent article is :

Hugin, (2013), Sodexo recognized by European Network Against Racism Foundation, IT News, Retrieved on November 15, 2013, from: http://www.itnews.it/news/2013/1112164502890/sodexo-recognized-by-european-network-against-racism-foundation.html#sthash.hxaPUqht.dpuf

The primary components of the article are that ...

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