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    United Airlines and Its Attempt to Crack the Non-Business Market

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    Read Case 4 in the textbook. According to the data collected from United Airlines and presented in the textbook, describe five useful pieces of information for future managerial decision making.

    Compared to the airline preferred by non-business travelers, which attributes should United Airlines seek to improve? Which attributes should receive the most immediate attention?

    Discuss the pros and cons of United Airlines actively pursuing non-business customers.

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    Useful information from the article:
    • United Airlines dominates the business travel market.
    • United Airlines hasn't been successful in its non-business market.
    • The airline company needs to improve the following attributes: price, baggage fees, leg room, and most of all, its in-flight entertainment options.
    • The major strengths of United Airlines are its vast number of flights for both domestic and international destinations every day.
    • Oftentimes, price is not the sole criteria for choosing an airline.
    Frontier Airlines understands it cannot beat United Airlines in terms of the business class market so it decided to enhance its facilities and services for the non-business travelers.
    • It focused on lowering its fares to invite and keep their primary customers: the price-sensitive and non-business travelers who go on trips mostly for ...

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    * Suggestions for United Airlines when pursuing the non-business market.
    * Advantages and disadvantages of United Airlines pursuing the non-business market.
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