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Consumer behavior in two segments

Imagine that you have two alternative market segments. They're different only in their inclination to information search. Segment A does a great deal of information searching during decision making. The people in Segment B are much less active in their search behaviors. Why would both segments be good target markets? How would marketing activities directed toward each segment differ?

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The people who information search are great candidate because they are searching for products, and the marketer actually has the opportunity to show then information on their product, and convince them that their product is full of wonderful features, is reliable, good value.. The individuals will probably search many webpages, looking at consumer reports, reading reviews in blogs or on chat boards. If you have a great product, then you can be confident that these searchers will come to you. In fact, this is all ...

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The solution discusses whether each different segment would make good target markets and how marketing activities be directed towards each segment.