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    Strategic Planning in Multidisciplinary Practice

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    The following are important elements of multidisciplinary practice:
    1. Observing multidisciplinary practice
    2. Gathering Input
    3. Synthesizing ideas
    4. Collaboration
    5. Conceptualizing a course of action
    6. Communicating a course of action

    Please view the attached transcript of scenario. Then, identify how the strategic planning team at the One Stop Center applied each of these steps as they developed their strategic plan. Evaluate the degree to which they were successful in applying these steps, and offer suggestions for how they could have applied these steps more successfully. (250 words) I need help in understanding this process. Thank you.

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    Observing multidisciplinary practice - Many different individuals were involved in the meetings and the process for developing the strategic plan. Managers, community activists, vice presidents, employment services representatives, and public administration experts but there were no lawyers involved in this process. It would have been beneficial to have legal counsel available instead of just the opinions or experience of those that are familiar with legal responsibilities.

    Gathering input - Everyone involved in the strategic plan came with a large amount of ideas and thoughts regarding the steps and actions necessary in order to successfully create a plan. ...

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    The solution uses 426 words to identify multidisciplinary practice, input gathering, idea synthesizing and communication & conceptualization of a course of action for a transcript of a management team formulating a strategic business plan.