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Social Impacts of Technology: Historic/current impact of computers

Write about their historic and current impact on the economy, the environment, relationships, education, and morals. Give examples to support your discussion and cite at least two (2) sources in your paper. Include an APA-formatted bibliography.

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Here are a few ideas and pointers for you to use in your paper on the social impacts of technology.

New technology is usually the result of some sort of social issue and the need for that issue to be solved. This means that new technology always has an impact on society, the economy, relationships, education and morals.

For instance, in 1450 when Gutenberg invented the first printing press this impacted society in several ways. For one you could begin to print books for the masses to enjoy. Books had to be written by hand which made them expensive. The printing press enabled poor people to be able to afford to buy books. This also caused people to learn to read. Before the printing press only nobility and the clergy knew how to read. Poor people began to learn to read in mass numbers because books were made available to them.

The printing press also began to make vernacular languages main stream. Before the printing press books were written mainly in Latin. Latin was the language of the educated class. Vernacular languages like English, French, Spanish, German, etc.... were all languages spoken mainly by ...

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The social impact of technology are examined. The historic and current impact of computers are given.