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    Patch Management/Software Distribution, Trouble Ticketing

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    I need to know the market status in 2007 and the growing until 2011 for:

    Patch management software
    Software distribution software
    Trouble ticketing/Help Desk software

    So, current size and the growing until 2011.

    Please, indicate a source of your information (Gartner, Forester, IDC...)

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    Student: Kindly note that most of the forecasts by IDC, Gartner etc. run through 2009-10 and not till 2011. I have compiled as much information from web sources about these markets.

    Patch Management Software:

    The market size for patch and vulnerability management software worldwide in 2005, as per Gartner was $395 million.

    source: http://www.landesk.com/docs/news/Security-Patch-Manager-BaseLine-06-en-US.pdf

    According to a recent IDC report, "Worldwide Security and Vulnerability Management Software Market Forecast and Analysis, 2005-2009: Taking Control of the Security Environment" (December 2005, Vol. 1), the security and vulnerability management (SVM) software market as a whole is expected to grow by 17.8 percent annually, exceeding $3 billion by 2009. Furthermore, with ...

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    Market Status: Patch Management/Software Distribution, Trouble Ticketing