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LCR Hospital: Data Flow Diagram

Scenario: The LCR Hospital wishes to update its processes and systems to allow greater access to information in a shorter timeframe and adhere to new regulations. The LCR Hospital is currently 100% manual in all of its data handling and only has limited PC workstations for word processing at this time. Over time they want to be 100% electronic in all aspects of the business, but time and money are issues to them.

The areas that are most important to them now are in-patient processing, scheduling of the operating rooms (OR), medication tracking, and patient billing.
In-patient processing should handle new and return patients, gathering of all patient and provider information, and reason for being admitted.
Scheduling of the OR should include handling multiple rooms (open heart surgery only in OR-6) and they want the OR working at 100% capacity 18 hours a day.
The medication tracking, of course, must handle the prescription and the actual dispensing of the drugs to the patient.
Patient billing needs to be itemized.

Problem: From the user perspective, describe the requirements for the software project in business terms so that users are comfortable with the material and likely to read and validate it. Develop the sections outlined in the following example. Create the Context Level and the Level 1 DFD diagrams and be sure you show not only the entities but also the processes and data flows (with labels).


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