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John is an up-and-coming jazz singer and songwriter. He has regular gigs performing his original music at a neighborhood wine bar and a local Italian restaurant in his hometown of Santa Barbara, California. John is frequently asked by many of the wine bar and restaurant patrons if he has a CD recording of his songs for sale.

John has not been signed to a record label as of yet, but he has been thinking about recording an album independently and selling it online and at his shows. He would like to record and produce the album on his own, at his house. John would also like to keep track of his personal and professional finances, listen to the audition recordings of session musicians interested in playing with him on his album, and have access to the Internet. What IT recommendations would you make for John?
*Response must be 150-250 words*

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First of all, John will need to develop a comprehensive webportal about himself, which will display information about him as well his music. The site should allow people to listen to a preview of his music and buy his CD's and albums ...

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What IT recommendations would you make for John?