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Internet: Connectivity and Immediacy

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The Internet as social media: connectivity and immediacy

Texting, Tweeting, Facebook, Linkedin

Do you use any of these as part of your work? Why? Why not?
Do you use any in your family and social life? Why? Why not?

How has the role of email changed (not changed) in your work and social life?

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I use Facebook and LinkedIn as part of my work. All of our executives are on both. I definitely use Facebook more than LinkedIn mainly because we have more clients on Facebook when we compare the two to each other. The Facebook platform allows our executives to stay updated on our clients' recent business news, as a high percentage of our clients post "updates" on their company pages regarding their operations. The Facebook platform also gives us a friendly exchange because we have "friended" several of our clients. Those clients will oftentimes comment on our personal pages regarding business matters (even if its a simple "thank you"), or will comment on our company page. I also receive text messages from one client (out of thousands). Several clients have my cell phone number (it's a work cell phone), and they can use it to contact me during non-business hours or when I am away from my desk. One client "texts" me every month to ...

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