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    Ethical Issues

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    //In this paper we are going to learn about organization and information systems and issues related to them. We will learn about the latest trends of information technology and how they are creating ethical issues. This paper will help us in learning about the basic components of information technology. //

    Organization, Business Processes and Information Systems

    An organization is a group of people, which comes together in order to pursue some common goal and earn profit thereby. An organization sets its goals, work towards achieving them, controls its performance and create value for its stakeholders. While doing this the organization also fulfills its corporate social responsibility. In order to achieve its goals an organization designs certain business processes. A business process is a collection of activities that forms a structure through which an organization can achieve a specific goal. There are three types of business processes: Management processes; they regulate the operations of a system, Operational Processes; they govern the core business processes and create a primary value stream, Supporting Process; they support the operational processes.

    In order to complete a specific task, organizations take support of certain technologies. Business processes depend on the information technology to complete many organizational tasks. Information system of an organization is a combination of such technologies and activities that support the organizational processes. For example, H.P. Is an organization with a goal of providing customers with products of high quality and thereby, earns their loyalty. The organization also aims at making a profit while realizing this goal and become a market leader in its chosen field. For realizing its goals the organization has designed many business processes like strategic management, corporate governance, manufacturing of products, marketing and sales of product, supply chain etc. These business processes help the organization in realizing its goals. Business process of this organization is supported by SAP information system which helps the organization in generating required information and communicates it for realizing a goal.

    // Till now we have learned about organization, business processes and information technology now we will learn about different definitions of organization.//

    Definition of Organization

    Technical definition of the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1454 words with references.