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    Workplace Standards

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    1. When a student takes an exam, what resources does a student need to be successful on the exam? Explain each understanding that resources could be assets or competencies.

    2. If a university which does not have a law school were to add a law school as a new college, explain the impact on the statement "structure follows strategy" and the type of structure it should use?

    3. Give an example of how Management by Objectives (MBO) might work. How does your example fit the criteria for MBO?

    4. Boss set a workplace standard. After comparing employee performance against that standard, you determine that there is some employee performance variation to the standard you set. What is the next step? Give an example.

    5. Of the three control measurement methods, which one would describe whether a waitress at a diner is doing a good job or not? What criteria did you use to determine which control measurement method to choose?

    6. What are the pros and cons to using best practices as a method for setting standards? Give an original example for each pro and each con.

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    1.When a student takes an exam, what resources does a student need to be successful on the exam? Explain each understanding that resources could be assets or competencies.

    A student should possess the drive and determination to meet objectives. Motivation is paramount to success. Some institutions allow students to participate in open book tests. I personally disapprove of this method because the student will not retain information, instead they will discover enough information to pass the test but not absorb valuable information that may remain with a student for a lifetime. In essence a student must be willing to absorb information presented to them. Visual aids (i.e. graphs, charts, PowerPoint or keynote presentations.) contribute significantly to a students understanding of course materials. Taking notes may also assist a student in which case he or she jots down pertinent information that stands out the most.

    Students must take the time to visit a bookstore or library about the subject matter. For example, during my Graduate courses I was required to take a course in Statistics. Of course this was not my favorite subject, however I decided that I needed additional information other than course materials. I searched for information on the Internet that would explain certain elements in Statistics that would make it easier to understand.

    It is my belief that a student?s resource requirement varies depending on the subject being studied and the institution. Students must have access to a wealth of information. Universities whether online or campus based universities integrate real life examples of the current curriculum.

    Throughout my educational journey and as a student who maintains straight ?A?s,? I?ve discovered from a personal perspective that my success depends upon the information the instructor or course director provides. A student may retain more information if the information presented is based on real life examples instead of fictitious organizational examples. For instance, University of Phoenix is an institution that offers an unlimited supply of information, which is critical to a student?s learning process. The only problem with information overload is that some of the information used makes it astoundingly difficult for some students to comprehend or to apply it to the real corporate world.

    Full Sail University on the other hand is a university for Creative Fine Arts and Music Recording. Full Sail provides information and gives students an opportunity to apply what they?ve learned within a week. University of Phoenix merely required an academic paper and a presentation by the end of the week. Some students only retained enough information to meet the deadline. A student may become successful if he or she has the opportunity to apply what they?ve learned. Some universities offer hands on training. A student may need a positive support system. A support system will assist a student with homework, or quiz them periodically to ensure the student comprehends course materials. For ...

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    Workplace standards are examined. The criteria to use to determine which control measurement methods choose.