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Designing employee benefits plan

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Consider all of the information both internal and external an organization must consider when developing and planning an employee benefits plan. What information is the most important to this planning process? Which might be the least important consideration? Conduct research into this problem and cite your reasoning.

Minimum of 3 FULL pages of written content, double space all work, include a reference section APA format

Include at least three (3) supporting references or sources (NOT Wikipedia, unknown, or anonymous sources)

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Different information required for designing employee benefits plan is given.

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The recommendation of Kudler Food's compensation plan will include components of the following:

a) The job analysis using the job position and new job descriptions.
b) The job design which includes the job based and person based assessment.
c) A discussion on the competitive compensation rates in the market.
d) Performance evaluations at each level within the organization.

Prepare a response that discusses how the components of the recommended plan helps Kudler achieve its new strategy. Describe the message that a compensation strategy conveys to employees. Also recommend an administration approach for Kudler¡¦s Human Resource Functions. This discussion should include how the recommended compensation plan will be carried out and implemented within the Kudler Foods organization.

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