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Values of a good leader

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Select 10 most important values from the following list, and then rank-order those 10 from the most important and 1 to least important. Howa person's approach to leadership might be influenced by having different "highest priority" values. The values are:
Achievement, Activity, Advancement, Adventure, Aesthetics, affiliation, Affluence, Authority, Autonomy, Balance, Challenge, Change/Variety, Collaboration, Community, Competence, Competition, Courage, Creativity, Economic Security, Enjoyment, Fame, Family, , Friendship, Happiness, Helping Other, Humor, Influence, Integrity, Justice, Knowledge, Location, Love, Loyalty, Order, Personal Development, Physical fitness, recognition, reflection, Responsibility, Self-respect, Spirituality, Status, Wisdom.

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So, while I will certainly address your requested top 10 values, I will also point out others that didn't make the cut for some reason as well address several that are a definite "NO", when it comes to skills of a leader.

TOP 10
Collaboration, Helping Other, Enjoyment, Happiness, Integrity, Knowledge, Personal Development, Self-respect, Wisdom, Challenge

Collaboration is the key component to working with a group. If a leader can't get the team to work together, it will likely fail.
Helping Other is an extension of collaboration. Helping your teammates improves their confidence and the overall value of the team.
Enjoyment means that you like what you do. A leader will not be inspirational without this.
Happiness is when a leader is deriving pleasure from the world around them. Similar to enjoyment, if a ...

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A good leader needs certain characteristics in order to guide his/her team down the proper path. Presented with a list of potential values, a "top ten" is developed - with each item being discussed. Additionally, other values that didn't make the cut (or simply didn't make sense) are addressed.