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Self-Awareness in Leaders

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Analyse the findings of this week's journal article with regard to the shortcomings associated with contemporary leadership programmes. What recommendations do the authors provide for overcoming these drawbacks and how would this help to create better self-awareness in leaders?

See the following article for reference:
Allio, R. J. (2005). Leadership development: teaching versus learning. Management Decision, 43(7/8), 1071-1077.

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One of the most important findings of this week's Journal article with regard to the shortcomings associated with contemporary leadership programs, is that these programs for the most part are not highly successful at producing leaders. It appears that one of the primary reasons for this is the fact that most leadership programs focus a great deal of the efforts on the theoretical principles behind leadership, and it is obvious that the teaching of the theoretical principles to individuals does not in any way guarantee that there will be an increase in the leadership capacity and or ability of the individuals that attend these programs. These programs also seem to focus a great deal upon the scientific principles of leadership, and imparting these principles to the individuals that attend these leadership programs, but memorizing or learning the principles of leadership has a low statistical probability of producing better leaders in the long run. In addition, this article seems to point to the fact that there is very little focus on hands on leadership activities within these programs, which also ...

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