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Important Leadership Traits

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Pick three traits from the list in Exhibit 2.1 that you think would be most valuable for a leader in an operational role. Pick three that you think would be most valuable for a leader in a collaborative role. In at least a paragraph for each trait, explain your choice for the trait and role. Use your own examples, thoughts and experiences. I have attached Ex 2.1 and some pages for operational and collaborative roll from my textbook: Daft, Richard L. (2011). The Leadership Experience, 5e.

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Optimism is a trait that is very important in an operational role, due to the fact that the leader must be optimistic about being able to accomplish organizational objectives. The optimism that the leader displays will result in influencing the leader's subordinates and followers to be optimistic about the chances of success as well.

Drive is a trait that is essential for a leader in operational role, due to the fact that this is the motivating factor that propels the leader to success. In addition, the willpower and drive that is displayed by the leader will often motivate his or her subordinates ...

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This solution describes important leadership traits and characteristics.

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