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    Importance of IT Leadership

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    1. Why has the IT leadership role in organizations become so important? What are some of the IT service trade-off decisions that IT leaders face today? Why is it important for IT staff to behave as leaders?

    2. Discuss what you feel are the most important qualities an IT leader should possess. How would you create a leadership development program that envelopes these qualities?

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    1. The IT leadership role has become so important in organizations, largely due to the fact that the vast majority of organizations depend upon information technology in order to be able to function effectively and efficiently. IT leaders ensure that the correct information technology is on hand, and that it is used to the utmost efficiency in order to ensure that the organization has the optimal chance of working to it's highest level of capacity and profitability. One IT service trade-off decision that IT leaders face today is determining whether it is feasible to replace IT technology that is less expensive and marginally effective, with IT ...