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Best leader you ever worked with

Write a response on the best leader you ever worked with:

1) Describe your respective roles and the context in which you interacted?
2) Why he is the best?
3) 3-4 factors thet led you to choose this individule
4) What was noteable about these factors?
5) How did you feel?
6) What have you learned from this exercise?
7) How could you apply these insights in developing as a leader?

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The Best Leader I Ever Worked With


Leaders come in all shapes and sizes as well as all kinds of personalities. It takes a really great leader to instill in those who follow him or her - the kinds of attributes that can be passed on to others. A leader teaches the subordinates how to manage and then lead. If the leader does a great job, the subordinates, in no time, are able to stand in and participate in the leading also.

Respective Roles and Interaction

The leader I am writing about was my boss years ago. He was the owner and President of the Nursery Retail Chain that I had been lucky enough to be hired as the Director of MIS. He was a middle aged educated man who was also a real estate attorney before he stepped into his father's shoes to become head of the organization. Basically, it had been a Retail Food Chain before the present business and had never had a computer system installed. My position was to research equipment and software, purchase, create an implementation plan, install, train employees, and oversee it on a daily 24/7 basis.

Being the Best

My boss was the best because his philosophy about how to treat employees was ahead of his time. His "open-door policy" really meant that anytime you needed to talk with him, he was available. He felt that you certainly couldn't do your job efficiently if he wasn't able to give you answers to do it. His manner was always personable and if you did enter his ...

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A discussion of leaders starts this response, as well as the roles and interaction of a specific leader and why they were the best. Application of insights into exploring these leadership qualities is also given in this 1,146 word response.