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Leadership Styles

Please analyze, using background materials, Sam Walton's leadership styles and his way of fulfilling functions of management. Key concepts to be addressed are:

Did he empower their employees?
Was he authoritarian?
he Was transformational or transactional, or both?
How does he fulfill their functions?
What is the vision he created for the company?
How did he motivate the workforce?
How did communicate the vision?
Was he a change agent?
Please use the Paper Format, for all SLPS.

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Sam Walton was a leader to his employees through empowerment. He encouraged people to follow their passion, but not the money. Sam was an authoritarian, as well as a transformational and transactional leader. This was fulfilled when he not only encouraged change amongst his workers, but also gave it as well. He showed it by how he treated his employees, and strived to meet their needs as much as possible.

Basically, the employees and customers came first. He paved the way for future businesses to meet the needs of their workers on a regular basis, and encouraged others to do the same. The vision he created for Wal-Mart was to create ...

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This solution analyzed Sam Walton's leadership styles, and how he handled his staff within his company on a regular basis.