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    Remote Work

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    Ideas for a literature review are embedded in terms of offering common topics to compare and contrast, as well as some of these guided questions:
    •What is already known about the research topic you are interested in?
    •What is not known about your topic; where is there a gap in the literature?
    •What further research might be worth pursuing in this area?

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    •What is already known about the research topic you are interested in?

    Current research clearly affirms that virtual work is an increasing popular paradigm in today's business climate. In general, virtual work is often employed to give workers more freedom and flexibility, as well as to take advantage of the myriad of technological advances that can enrich work productivity, innovation, and other aspects. ADAMOVIC, GULYAS, OLSEN, GAHAN, SHALLCROSS, & MENDOZA (2016) also commend it for "the potential savings on corporate travel and real estate for employers" (p. 1348) as well as its value for facilitating globalization. On the other hand, it is also commonly known that virtual teams and work are often implemented too hastily and with little guidance, training, assessment, and ...

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    100 words briefly offer some scholarly research ideas to examine research gaps about the trend of virtual work and teams.