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    Leadership assumptions

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    I am looking for someone who can write about these assumptions in an highly intellectual and grammatically correct fashion. Please write from the standpoint of whether these are your assumptions about leadership or not and what do you believe to be true about leadership. Also, write whether these assumptions have credence or not. Please be articulate, specific, and list reasons why you feel the way you do.

    Assumption 1
    One can discern a leader from followers and subordinates in a group of people

    Assumption 2
    Leadership is a group phenomenon, requiring interaction between two or more people

    Assumption 3
    Leadership involves an influence process

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    Assumption 1
    One can discern a leader from followers and subordinates in a group of people:

    This is a valid assumption and I have many reasons to believe in such manner. A leader can be pointed out within a group of people, as evident by his personal qualities such as charisma, ability to lead, guide and modify the behavior of group of people, knowledge and experience. A leader can easily stand out among a group of people and can be easily spotted, as he is sure to command attention and influence the people around him.

    It is not necessary that a leader is always formally recognized in groups or organizations. Most often, leaders are distinguished and selected by the group themselves on ...

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    Leadership assumptions