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    Supply of Internal Candidates

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    175 word or more opinion for each of these two questions, if you use references please use APA format.

    1)How does a company forecast the supply of inside candidates? Consider both small and large organizations.

    2)How can employers make sure they are in compliance with immigration law? Explain E-Verify and how it is used by employers.

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    There are several ways in which a company forecasts the supply of inside candidates. In small organizations simply making an inventory of qualifications of the current employees, their education, internal training, special skills, and potential for promotion gives a good forecast for supply of internal candidates. In addition, the HR must take into account the reduction in supply because of average annual employee turnover. The forecast can be refined if the employee's current performance, motivation, and desire for promotion is also considered (a).
    In larger organizations inventories of qualifications, skills, and education must be combined with systematic ...

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