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    Human Resource Management

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    Run the Leadership in Action simulation. Describe the established methods of control and the current cultures of the department and the organization. Then, make a specific recommendation for restructuring the department that would improve the culture while empowering employees. Within the recommendation, describe which management practices would be most effective and why. Additionally explain how the size and new structure could affect the organization as well as individuals, groups, and teams, and the future of the company. Write the recommendation using APA format and limited it to 1,750 words.

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    //The efficiency and the veracity of the organization are enhanced by employing the proper or the effective control methods to enable the organization to work effectively. Before starting a paper like this; it is important to know the actual position of the company or the problem arising in the organization.//

    The paper deals with the concept of Leadership, which entails that this concept is very useful whether at the organization, team or at any level. The Leadership proves to be a fruitful factor for the organization in order to make it run smoothly and effectively. The challenge lying in this is that the employees show reluctance in terms of achieving the aggressive objectives. This particular issue can be overcome just by using the leadership styles. This particular style would help to resolve the problem of the employees in terms of the working culture and the problems faced by the employees in the organization (Hendry, 1995).

    It deals with the Leadership Style of Management or in other words, it undergoes the problems faced by the employees of the organization. The Leadership is considered to be an efficient tool for the team or for the firm. It helps the corporation to achieve the desired goals and the objectives by increasing the co-ordination between the employees and the organizational culture. This shows the importance of Leadership in the organization. The root cause of the problem is that the reluctance shown by the employees in terms of achieving the hard line targets.

    To resolve this issue, leadership proves to be the effective tool as it helps to direct the employees and at the same time, allows them to cope up with the changing environment or the scenario. All this as a whole allows the organization to achieve the set goals or the objectives. The company Smith and Falmouth is a mid-size tele-shopping and the mail order network and the firm is operating in US and Canada. The business is moving ahead with the coordination and the cooperation of the web development team, the logistics team and the marketing manager. All these as a whole assist in providing coordination to the marketing and the logistics operations with the parent company.

    The major operations of the S&F Online are handled with the organized efforts of the Project Manager. The Project Manager is found to work jointly along with the Logistics Manager. The joint efforts of both these prove to be helpful in managing dealing with the orders, customer back up and the delivery operations. The Project Manager team also proves fruitful as it helps in conveying the order fulfillment status to the Marketing Manager. The role of the marketing manager is to have synchronization in terms of the product lines, marketing budgets and the promotional activities. Due to the close coordination among the teams, it results into providing and cropping good results.

    The site's first version was made operational in the preliminary three months. The business prospects in the first quarter were found out to be very promising in spite of the unsteady market conditions. At the position of the Chief Operating Officer, the role is to streamline the online operations, to increase the reach of the Online Sales ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1050 words with references.