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    Explanation of turnover rates can lead to attrition.

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    There is a turnover rate of 20% at Jones Memorial. The employee satisfaction survey uncovered the following complaints:

    - Long work hours
    - Unsatisfied with compensation
    - Poor management
    - Lack of supplies
    - Poor orientation

    The vice-president of human resources has sent a memo expressing concern and demanding that HR leadership aggressively work with all hospital leaders to reduce attrition. How do these issues lead to attrition? Propose two or three solutions to each of your issues.

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    How do these issues lead to attrition?

    There are a lot of issues within an organization that can lead to attrition. However, I think one of the main reasons for high turnover rates is due to ineffective leadership. Research has shown that the main reason employees leave their jobs is due to poor management. Management ...

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    This solution explains how turnover rates can lead to attrition. It also provides several solutions for such issues.