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    Medsoft conflict: Management, leadership, union and Maslow's heirarchy

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    Please help me with the attached questions regarding: management, leadership and maslow's heirarchy.

    Attached are 3 questions: 1, 2 and 3. Attachment one has question 1 and part of question 2. Attachment two has a continuation of question 2 and then question 3.

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    1) First, Medsoft needs more space. However, it has not invested in more office equipment and computer networking hardware however; those persons who have shifted their residences in anticipation of the move have incurred personal expenditure and are now not willing to allow the status quo to return. Please remember, conflict is "a situation of competition in which the parties are aware of the incompatibility of potential future positions and in which each party wishes to occupy a position which is incompatible with the wishes of the other." Conflict is viewed as a cycle: "As with any social process, there are causes; also, there is a core process, which has results or effects. These effects feed back to affect the causes." Two developments have taken place; one is that the tenant above the old premises has moved out. Second, this premise is offered to the company at very attractive rates. The operating VP should offer the company employees the opportunity that if they remain at the old site, the company will be able to afford the equipment they have been promised. If they move to the new location the equipment will not be available to all the employees. . Both the parties after reviewing evidence and listening to arguments from both sides should issue a decision to settle the case. Second, the company should investigate how much personal expenditure the employees have incurred in anticipation of the move. If the expenditure is not very large and is low compared to ...

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