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Management And Labor Relations

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Case Study 1-1 Discharge for Whistleblower Activity

Should the federal appeals court deny Broom and Miller's appeal and enforce the decision of the state district court finding upholding the discharge of the two whistle-blowers? Explain your reasoning.

How might this case have been handled differently if Broom and Miller had been members of a bargaining unit represented by a union for purposes of collective bargaining?

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In this case, the federal appeals court should uphold the decision of the state district court finding, which upheld the discharge of the two whistle blowers. Due to the fact that the employees were subject to the ...

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Labor Relations HR, schools of thought: mainstream, HR management, industrial and critical industrial

McGraw Hill, /Chapter 2 Labor Unions: Good or Bad? http://highered.mheducation.com/sites/dl/free/.../988356/bud29430_ch02.pdf

There are four schools of thought that help HR professionals understand how to create labor relations strategies for their organization. Each school of thought listed below has a different view on labor unions.
Mainstream Economics School
Human Resource Management School
Industrial Relations School
Critical Industrial Relations School

Using the Internet research information on these four schools of thought, and analyze each by identifying the following:

Its view on unions (e.g., positive, negative, necessary, unnecessary) and its rationale for this view.
Its approach to labor relations and providing employees a voice in bargaining.
Your own views on each school of thought (e.g., Do you agree with this school of thought? Why or why not?)

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