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    Human Resources Structured Explanation

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    Discuss what government tools are available to help small businesses with risks relating to laws, litigation, and safety?

    Describe what employers can do to improve the employee's transition during repatriation. Explain some of the reasons why an employer would bring an expatriate home early.

    Explain with examples how small business employers can establish cost effective informal methods of job-related training.

    Explain with an example how employers can protect vulnerable workers, such as women and older men.

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    The government tools that are available to help small businesses with risks relating to laws, litigation, and safety are provided by the US Small Business Administration. On its website the SBA provides tools that help start and manage a small business, it gives small business tools on business laws and regulations. The SBA gives a full description of industry laws and regulations applicable to small businesses, employment & labor laws, handling legal concerns, understanding fair practice. These tools ensure that a small business reduces risks related to laws, litigation, and safety. For small businesses that are interested in exporting or importing goods, the Ex-Im Bank offers a working capital guarantee program. The Ex-Im Bank also provides loan guarantee programs, direct loan program, and finance lease guarantee program that reduces the financial risk of small businesses.

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