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Employment and Labor Laws and Discrimination in Employment

You are a company director and Jennifer, an employee in another group, comes to you in confidence regarding a very uncomfortable work related situation that she found herself in. Jennifer indicates that one of your fellow company director's was seeking a position at another company and he indicated to Jennifer that he could get the both of them very good positions in the new company. Jennifer was asked to accompany her director to the potential new employer's home office in another city for dual interviews. Jennifer agreed to go and when they registered for the hotel that evening Jennifer found that there was only a single room reserved for the both of them. What should you do in this situation? Jennifer is now worried about losing her job in your company.

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The most ethical thing to do under the circumstances is realize that there is an obvious conflict of interest in this situation and advise Jennifer of the same.

Jennifer has a right to file a complaint for the behavior of the co-worker. The question may be whether the gentleman's (I use the term loosely) behavior could possibly be considered within the scope of his ...

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